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Welcome to Aunty Hilda's Safe Space    We talk about  Relationships,Bodies and Sex 

By Students, For Students.

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With much love and gratitude to the Paperbag Princess

Who is 'Aunty Hilda'?

A helping hand ...


Aunty Hilda is a combined effort, designed by group of year 13's in 2022. Along with Marcelle (counsellor) and Tilly, our aim is to create a safe space for St Hilda's pupils and help you with the things you might be afraid to talk about or ask about. We have gathered useful information about relationships, our bodies and things you might be wondering about sex and sexuality, plus a whole lot more.

We're here to have real conversations about what it's like to be a young woman in 2024, trying to figure out  how to make sense of what society and social media is trying to tell us about sex and being young women. We want to walk alongside you as we all challenge some of the unhelpful stereotypes and pressures that we face when it comes to making choices about what we want to do with our bodies and how to be sure that we are doing what's right for US.

If you are wondering about your sexuality or are queer, then we have info and support for you, to help you navigate this space and feel good about who you are!

There is a section for you to submit any questions you have, about problems in friendships, relationships or about sex or sexuality. Anything relating to those things that you might need some good "Aunty's advice" on, we are here for you! Advice for your submissions will be published onto the site in the 'advice column' within a week of submitting. Your identity will remain anonymous to everyone (including us).

We also have a page with links to other resources for all the things you might need or be curious about. Aunty Hilda is here to help you, not to judge you. If you need some advice, someone to talk to, or to share some advice from yourself, use the contact button below. ​'Aunty Hilda' was created thanks to sponsorship from the 'Loves me not campaign', that was founded in commemoration of Sophie Elliot, a former St Hilda's student. For more information on 'Loves me not' click here.

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